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Wooden, privacy fences can come in different materials, designs, and sizes. Not only is a wooden fence from Apex Fence competitively priced, but it can be completely customized to fit your property, personal taste and needs.

At Apex Fence we specialize in cedar fencing.  Each metal post is set two feet into the ground surrounded by an entire bag of concrete.  This ensures that whatever style of wooden fence you choose, you will have a secure foundation. 

Wooden Fence Styles:

  • Cedar Privacy Fence

  • Horizontal Style

  • Cap and Trim

  • Shadow Box

  • Board-On-Board

  • Custom Design – Let us know your vision and we will do our best to make it a reality


We also specialize in hand built Custom Gates.

Benefits of a Wooden Fence:

Security and Value

You probably already know that installing a wooden, privacy fence is a smart way to add value and security to your home.

A privacy fence will provide a layer of protection and will control who/what enters your yard.

Did you know that having a privacy fence lower your homeowner insurance rates? Depending on your insurance carrier, you can pay less for coverage and in time your fence will have paid for itself. A well-built, privacy fence from Apex Fence will also increase your home’s resale value.


Animal Confinement

Outdoor pets need a confined space to roam and play.  Choosing Apex Fence to install your privacy fence and your pet will be provided with clear boundaries and protection. A privacy fence also keeps stray animals from wandering into your yard or injuring loved ones.

Defining Your Property Line

A fence provides a clear boundary line between yours and your neighbors’ property.  Before having any fence installed, familiarize yourself with your local permit requirements, regulations of fence height, zoning and HOA rules. Consult your neighbors before adding a fence so that everyone is on the same page and no expensive surprises surface after the fence is already up.


Let us know how we can benefit you and Contact Us!

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