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Benefits of Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron is one of the toughest, most durable fencing materials around, and its malleability makes it perfect for customization. Here are some of the benefits of choosing wrought iron fencing for your home.

#1 – It’s durable

There is a reason that wrought iron is known as ‘100-year fencing’ and that’s because it is extremely durable. In fact, it is wrought iron’s low carbon content that greatly increases its durability beyond normal iron, and allows wrought iron fencing to stand strong for an extremely long period of time.

Wrought iron can also withstand a great deal of physical wear and tear and weather exposure without becoming damaged, bent out of shape or in need of repair or replacement.

#2 – It’s low maintenance

Wrought iron is less susceptible to physical damage, requiring fewer repairs. While it’s difficult to actually damage a wrought iron fence, if it does suffer a bit of wear and tear or a section becomes damaged, it’s unlikely that you’ll have to replace the entire fence as small portions are usually easily repaired and/or replaced.

Of course, the timing between paint jobs does depend on the weather conditions your fencing is subjected to. And if you do notice rust spots developing? A simple sanding and paint job should do the trick.

#3 – It’s secure

Wrought iron fences that are secured in the ground are unlikely to be broken, cut through or torn down. They can also withstand physical pressure without falling over, so are ideal for keeping animals and large pests out of your garden. If your fence includes additional elements like decorative spears or spikes (the industry term is ‘speared finial’ by the way), then you can also guarantee you’ll be discouraging intruders from climbing over your fence into your property too!

Wrought iron fences can also keep valuable items (including children and pets) inside your yard, particularly if you choose a style that prohibits them from jumping or climbing over your fence, or slipping in between too-widely-spaced bars. This also makes them perfect for swimming pool enclosures too, because you’ll not only have your loved ones in sight, you’ll retain the beautiful views through your fencing as well.

#4 – It’s aesthetically appealing

One of the wonderfully visual benefits of wrought iron is the timeless and classic aesthetic beauty that other fencing materials just can’t replicate. Because of the countless options in styles available, wrought iron fences can be styled to complement a range of home designs, from traditional and formal to modern and casual.

This fencing won’t show wear and tear as easily as other fencing materials, so they’ll stay looking beautiful for years to come. And another wonderful feature of iron fencing is that you can see your surrounding landscaping while still being secure.

#5 – It adds value

By improving your home's curb appeal, you can boost your homes sense of luxury. Wrought iron fencing can also act as a visual deterrent, conveying a sense of safety that will be a big asset to the worth of your home.

Ever heard of "perceived value" when selling your home? It isn't the actual valuation of your home, but how much your home appears to be worth. Of course wrought iron actually does increase your property value, it also greatly increases the perceived value as well.

#6 – It’s customizable

The malleability of wrought iron makes it the perfect option for you to customize your own designs, and allow you to truly capture your home’s unique personality. Standard fencing, curves, spirals, scrolls, decorative insets and so much more can increase your property’s appeal. You can also mix iron with other building materials including cedar and brickwork for a unique finished look.

Fun Facts:

Iron was originally call Ferrum

The first workable iron came from outer space

the Eiffel Tower is made from Wrought iron

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