Fences for Safety and Security in the Edmond Area

Discover why families throughout the Edmond area have made us their trusted choice for fencing since 2015.

Edmond Oklahoma Fence Company

As a locally-owned and operated fence company, we prioritize delivering exceptional customer service while creating high-quality fences. We treat every customer the way we would want to be treated, ensuring that our timely, efficient, and professional service exceeds your expectations.

Explore our range of fence solutions, including wood, ornamental iron, chain link, vinyl, and more. With a variety of styles and customizable options available, we can cater to your specific budget and needs. At Apex Fence, we take immense pride in being a top-rated fencing company in Oklahoma and warmly invite you to join our esteemed Apex Fence family. Experience the difference firsthand and see why we're the go-to choice for all your fencing requirements!

Our Expert Team is Ready to Assist You!

When you have fence questions, our team of experts is glad to walk you through the process. Simply reach out by phone or online and connect today!

How Are You Using Your Fence?

Edmond residential and commercial fencing options

No matter how you want to use your fence for your Edmond Oklahoma property - we have the perfect solution!

Edmond Oklahoma residential fencing company

Edmond Oklahoma Residential Fences

As one of the leading residential fence companies in the entire Edmond Oklahoma area, we have a complete selection of great residential fencing options to choose from. Regardless of the type or style of residential fencing you are looking for, we have the perfect solution for Edmond homeowners.

Edmond Residential Fencing
Edmond Oklahoma commercial fencing company

Edmond Oklahoma Commercial Fences

We are known as one of the most dependable commercial fence companies in the entire Edmond Oklahoma area. With a complete selection of commercial fencing options that meet every need - Apex Fence has established itself as one of the best options for Edmond Oklahoma commercial fencing.

Edmond Commercial Fencing

Edmond Oklahoma Pergolas

Edmond Oklahoma Pergola Installation Company

If you're seeking to enhance your Edmond Oklahoma outdoor space with a combination of architectural interest and practical shade, a pergola presents an excellent solution.

Integrating a pergola into your home's outdoor area offers a multitude of advantages. Beyond its visually appealing and stylish features, it provides a functional shelter that allows you to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the elements. Whether you intend to entertain friends, unwind with a captivating book, or simply bask in the fresh air, a pergola provides a versatile space for all these activities.

Our pergolas are meticulously constructed using premium-grade materials, guaranteeing exceptional quality and longevity. With our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, you can be confident that your new pergola in Edmond Oklahoma will exceed your expectations and enhance your outdoor living experience.

Edmond Pergolas

We're Here to Help!

Do you have questions as you explore your fence options? We are here for Edmond property owners with our team of experienced fence pros. Let us get you the answers you need!

Discover Superior Fencing Solutions in Edmond Oklahoma

Oklahoma homeowners and business owners can choose from our six popular styles of fencing for their residential or commercial properties. Apex Fence sells and installs Ornamental Iron Fences, FenceTrac Fences, Vinyl Fences, Chain Link Fences, Corrugated Metal Fences, and Wood Fences. With a wide range of styles and materials, you are sure to find the perfect solution for your fencing needs.

FenceTrac fence Edmond Oklahoma

Edmond Oklahoma FenceTrac Fences

FenceTrac fences offer a sleek, modern look and are highly customizable. Crafted using metal posts and rails and several options of infill materials, FenceTrac fences provide an attractive, functional border.

FenceTrac Fences
vinyl fence Edmond Oklahoma

Edmond Oklahoma Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences offer a great solution for Edmond Oklahoma residents. Durable, long-lasting, and virtually maintenance-free, vinyl fences are a top option for homes or businesses.

Vinyl Fences
chain link fence Edmond Oklahoma

Edmond Oklahoma Chain Link Fences

Compared to other fence materials, chain link fences are relatively affordable. They are also durable, functional, and strong, making them a great choice for home or business owners across Edmond Oklahoma.

Chain Link Fences
wood fence Edmond Oklahoma

Edmond Oklahoma Wood Fences

Residential and commercial property owners who are seeking a beautiful and classic fence for their Edmond Oklahoma property. Wood fences are consistently a top choice across the region.

Wood Fences
Corrugated Metal fence Edmond Oklahoma

Edmond Oklahoma Corrugated Metal

Corrugated metal fences are constructed using metal panels with raised ribs. Also known as continuous panel fencing, they are strong and durable and provide a modern, industrial look for Edmond Oklahoma home or business owners.

Corrugated Metal Fences
wood fence Edmond Oklahoma

Edmond Oklahoma Ornamental Iron

Ornamental iron fences are elegant and attractive. They are also strong and low-maintenance, making them the perfect solution for those looking for a simple yet beautiful fence for their Edmond Oklahoma property.

Ornamental Iron Fences

Fence Installation
in Edmond Oklahoma

We install the best fences for all situations in Edmond Oklahoma.

Edmond Oklahoma professional Fence Installation

Edmond OklahomaProfessional Fence Installation

We can handle the whole thing! If you would like our team of fencing experts to install a fence at your Edmond property, no problem, we have installed both residential fences and commercial fences in Edmond.

Great Choices for Privacy Fences
in Oklahoma

We have the best selection of privacy fences in Edmond OK. Come see for yourself the variety of styles and options available to shield your outdoor spaces from the public eye.

Edmond Oklahoma privacy fencing

Edmond Oklahoma Wood Privacy Fences

Wood fences can be installed around various residential and commercial places for privacy. Depending on the type of wood fence you choose, your yard can look either more traditional or modern. You can also choose the height, style, and color to stain your wood fence so it complements the style of your property.

Edmond Oklahoma Corrugated Metal Privacy Fences

Our corrugated metal fences are constructed using sturdy galvanized steel, making them resistant to corrosion and weathering. This ensures that no matter what elements your fence faces, it will maintain its integrity and visual appeal for years to come.

Edmond Oklahoma Privacy Slats for Chain Link Fences

Adding colored vinyl slats to a chain link fence will make your property more private without breaking the bank. A commercial property that needs to block equipment or a less appealing area from view will benefit from this kind of fence. Privacy slats will also restrict visibility for residential properties, if that's your goal.

Edmond Oklahoma Vinyl Privacy Fencing

Vinyl privacy fences are great for blocking external views of your yard or commercial property. Vinyl fencing is made of a durable, flexible material that lasts for a long time and needs very little upkeep. When it comes to full privacy, vinyl fence panels serve as a wall around the perimeter of your yard.

Edmond Oklahoma FenceTrac Privacy Fencing

With FenceTrac, you no longer have to compromise between functionality and aesthetic appeal thanks to the unique combination of metal posts and rails with a variety of infill materials!

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

When you have fence questions, our team of experts is glad to walk you through the process. Simply reach out by phone or online and connect today!

For A Local Fence Company You Can Trust, Choose Apex Fencein Edmond Oklahoma

The Apex Fence Difference in Edmond Oklahoma Fence Installations

At Apex Fence, every customer matters and we're here to serve our community. We are committed to excellence in fencing by holding ourselves to the highest industry standards.

When you need residential or commercial fencing service in the Edmond area, Apex Fence is the best choice for all your fence needs! We only work with top-quality materials in wood fencing, chain link fencing, vinyl fencing, and ornamental iron fencing, aluminum fencing, FenceTrac fencing, corrugated metal fencing, ponderosa fencing, and our installation services are second to none!

We take great pleasure in providing our clients in Edmond with a high degree of customer satisfaction and superior job quality as a family-owned and operated business. Our fence technicians provide full-service fence installation, gate installation, and outdoor services to residents in the Edmond Oklahoma area. When you need a dependable and reliable team, let Apex Fence work with you!

Purchase a Fence in 3 Simple Steps in Edmond Oklahoma

Apex Fence has been providing Edmond with high-quality fence materials and installations since 2015. As one of the leading fence contractors in the area, you can trust that we will help you through each of the three steps listed below so that you can have your new fence installed as soon as possible.

Buying a Edmond fence - Step 1

From a Variety of Fence Types and Styles

When you're ready to begin your project, you can browse our website for available fence materials, designs, and styles. Many of the fences we offer are durable, strong, and suitable for a variety of homes and businesses. Call our friendly staff today and we can help you pick the best fence for your needs!

Buying a Edmond fence - Step 2

Your Perfect Fence

When you have looked through our available fences and have an idea of what you would like to install, you can use our Instant Quote tool online to compare and contrast styles and costs. You can call our office and we can walk you through the process. Apex Fence has been providing fencing solutions for years, and we are here to offer our guidance so that you can find exactly what you need.

Buying a Edmond fence - Step 3

From The Professionals

When it's time to install your new fence, our expert crew will be there to quickly and efficiently complete your project. Contact us today to find out how to take your dream fence from an idea to a reality!

Got Questions? We Have Answers!

When you have fence questions, our team of experts is glad to walk you through the process. Simply reach out by phone or online and connect today!

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Apex Fence has been installing fences in Edmond Oklahoma since 2015. Almost immediately, we established ourselves as one of the top fence companies in the Edmond area - through our dedication and commitment to quality workmanship and customer service.

Yes. We are a 100% fully licensed and insured fencing company operating in the entire region surrounding Edmond Oklahoma. Unfortunately, there are several local companies selling fencing and fence installation services in Edmond that are not licensed or insured.

Be careful not to choose one of these companies! Their lack of professionalism is already apparent before they dig their first hole!

Yes, we provide a workmanship warranty on all the fences we install in Edmond Oklahoma. This protects you against improper installation. Each of the different fence types have their own manufacturer's warranty that may also apply. Talk to us about the specifics of your fence warranty once you have selected the style and type of fencing you wish to have installed.

Edmond residents actually use all types of fences for their homes and businesses. Generally speaking, wood fences seem to be the favorite in Edmond, especially for residential fences.

The best fence is the one which meets your needs the best. Our Edmond fence experts will happily come to your home or business to help you plan your project and to give you a free estimate and expert consultation.

We only sell and install fences made from high quality materials. Each of our fences handle the Edmond Oklahoma weather just fine.

Believe it or not, there may be specific issues that your property has that would make one type of fence a better option than others. One of our fence experts will need to inspect your property to give you our expert advice.

Examples of Edmond Oklahoma Fences

Here are a few examples of fences and outdoor living solutions in Edmond Oklahoma.

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