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A pergola installed by Apex Fence will add a lifetime of beauty and value to your home. Modern Pergolas are much more than simple outdoor structures used for shade. Combine a Pergola with other custom-building services offer, maybe add a cabana, patio, or even an outdoor kitchen.

Our company offers only the finest designs and materials to transform your backyard into a living space your family will treasure. 

Bring your design, or let Apex Fence build a traditional Pergola:​

  • Attached Pergolas are an extension of your home. Call (405) 476-1123 for your FREE home inspection. One of our skilled technicians will inspect your outdoor space and make specific recommendations for adding a Dream Pergola. We can build a Pergola to provide additional shade for the master bedroom patio or extend your deck.

  • Independent or stand-a-lone Pergolas can be designed with a variety of materials. Choose a design that complements and enhances older homes or adds additional space to new homes. 

Consider these Pergola characteristics:

  1. Match Pergola colors to your home

  2. A rustic design with rough cut western red cedar

  3. Carry architectural elements from your home to a Pergola or Cabana

  4. Mix natural stone colors 

  5. Incorporate different roof designs to add distinctive value.

“ If you want professional top-notch quality work, Apex is the way to go.  They did our front gates and they are AWESOME! Then when it came to our pergola? Oh my gosh!  Simply the best. These guys ROCK!  Thank you so very much!,” Ronda recommends Apex. 


Apex Fence can offer a variety of materials to customize the look and feel of Your Pergola or Patio.

Cedar is one of our most popular materials for residential Pergolas. Cedar is a durable wood that will last for decades. The grain is uniform and easy to work with. Western Red Cedar has a natural resistance to deterioration and is an excellent material for both interior and exterior spaces. Western Red Cedar is very accepting to stains, we recommend staining your cedar pergola to add color or to match your home. 

Apex Fence offers a broad range of Vinyl and Aluminum Pergolas for both attached and stand-alone designs. Modern wood materials rarely rot or warp. Vinyl and Aluminum products will give homeowners years of maintenance-free beauty.

Weather in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas go to the extremes. One minute it is beautiful with not a cloud in the sky, then here comes a northerner. Aluminum and Vinyl can withstand these types of intense weather changes and remain safe for your family. 

Apex Fence uses high-tech materials, combined with classic designs to build pergolas, cabanas, and patios everyone will enjoy.

Imagine an outside living space with no painting, repairing, or maintenance of any kind. The outdoor living spaces  Apex Fence builds for your family keep their classic looks year after year.

Apex Fence stands behind all manufacturer’s warranties, to give our clients complete peace of mind. If there are any questions concerning  any of our products, call (405) 476-1123.

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